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Raspberry PI Setup for Durio Sound

Raspberry PI Setup for Durio Sound

Basic Setup

The following steps are the basic setup Durio Sound Raspbian Based image.

  1. Download image from out site.
  2. Extract the image file.

        $gzip -d durio.img.gz 
        $gzip -d durio_volume.img.gz
  3. Write an image to SD or Micro SD card.

        This is base on Linux.
        $sudo dd if=durio.img of=/dev/sd{x}
        where {x} is the your SD card drive

    Here the references to write image to SD card for different OS from Raspberry PI site.

  4. Start your Raspberry PI with cloned SD.

  5. Done

What should be done after first Reboot

  • Extend file system on SD card to fill up the empty space. This can be done via raspi-config

        login to Raspberry PI with default username and password. The promple should be like this:
        pi@rapberry~ $
        pi@rapberry~ $sudo raspi-config
        Choose 1st Operation "Expand Filesystem"

Durio Sound Image Environment

  • The ethernet will have dhcp to get IP address from dhcp server
  • The wifi will have IP address as It is also provides wifi hotspot with SSID “RPI_HotSpot” and WPA password “raspberry”
  • It is also provide IP address in range, if the device joins to SSID “RPI_HotSpot”
  • To access with MPD client. Set the MPD Server address to and Port 6600. Now MPD client can access MPD Server on Raspberry PI
  • The image also provide www interface via
  • To place access the music directory. The image has /music for the rest of your SD card space (require to extend file syste)
    • Map Network Drive to \\music for windows
    • Map Network Drive to smb:// for OSX Mor Linux
  • It also detect USB disk automatically after plug in. It requires the MPD database update from MPD Mclient menu.

    How to use Raspberry PI

    The video show how to play music from Raspberry PI with Durio Sound DAC and controlling from your mobile.

For Advance User

The following link will provide information to setup Raspberry to fit with your environment.