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Configure Media Player Daemon (mpd)

Configure Media Player Daemon

According default Durio Sound Image. We are using Media Player Daemon mpd as it music player engine. To tweak its configuration file can be the following:

Tweak ALSA

Tweak mpd alsa audio engine on Linux.

  1. Login to Rapberry PI
  2. Edit file /etc/mpd.conf and look for audio_output Session

    audio_output {
        type            "alsa"
        name            "Durio Sound"
        device          "hw:0,0"    
        format          "48000:32:2"    
        mixer_type      "disable"
        auto_resample   "no"
        auto_channels   "no"
        auto_format     "no"
    audio_output_format     "48000:32:2"
    mixer_type          "disabled"
    audio_buffer_size       "2048"
    buffer_before_play      "30%"
    connection_timeout      "60"
    max_connections         "4"
    max_playlist_length     "16384"
    max_command_list_size       "2048"
    max_output_buffer_size      "8192"
    filesystem_charset      "UTF-8"
    id3v1_encoding          "UTF-8"

    There are two images (first) is not able to control by volume from mpd client, and (second) is allow to use client volume control.

  3. Volume can be change at
    mixer_type = “disabled” or “none” to “software”

    mixer_type = "software"

    This will allow to have Volume control from client

  4. Audio format can be force at
    format under audio_output, and audio_output_format with the following

    • “48000:32:2”
    • “48000:16:2”
    • “44100:32:2”
    • “44100:16:2”


    audio_output_format     "44100:16:2"

    Unfortunately mpd on Raspberry PI can go higher at 48kHz, if you want to run higher sampling, we recommend to play music with mplayer or vlc or cmus. CD quality is play at 44.1kHz with 16bit and 2 channel